Yanis Varoufakis Newsnight interview

Yanis Varoufakis Newsnight interview
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Greece’s new finance minister Yanis Varoufakis interviewed on 30 January 2015 on BBC’s Newsnight.



Suso Medin says:

Go Varoufakis.

We vote in Spain soon too.

Luis Dias says:

You can feel the racist smug superiority in the BBC reporter. Shameful.

Premed1981 says:

Varoufakis’ common sense is too much for BBC’s presenter to handle. Let’s
hope for the sake of europe, people who matter will listen to this man’s
indisputable logic.

Anyone else cringed at 2:30 saying “that is not the German vision of
Greece”, confirming an EU nation has lost its sovereignty to a bigger one?

iapet0s says:

She was rude. I felt offended as a Greek cause she treated him as an
insignificant guy from a southern poor country.


Just bring Half Life 3 already

Just kidding. Well done Yanis Varoufakis. We believe in you and our new
Greek citizens are gonna face a lot of fear, propaganda and stupidity
coming from the media because someone pulled a stand. It is too early to
judge Siriza though. Statements are the easy part. Actions the hardest.
For now we can hope that young and clever people have the leadership of our
country after years and years of elder thieves and their young puppets. We
need to rebuild and hope for the best.

Nick Anagno says:

Rude bitch, Fuck off.

Sofia Maou says:

Πές τα ρε Γιαννάρα! Μη μασάς!!! Αγενέστατη η δημοσιογράφος…… δεν μιλάνε
έτσι σε στον Υπουργο Οικονομικών της Ελλάδας!

Anemos Antistasis says:

Νομίζω θα έκανε αξεπέραστο ντουέτο με τον Πρετεντέρη η σκρόφα

Dean Plassaras says:

I had no idea that Berlin had part of BBC working for them.

Torrentsdup says:

Go Varoufakis

Hit the German Vision of Greece that’s Europe Germany, All the others are
puppets of Germany.

24 billion euros paid for interest each year which is above 10% of Greece’s
GDP , that’s European help to Greece……that is what Europe refuses to
see and that is what Varoufakis says the program that European citizens pay
is going to a black hole.

moumouza says:

Go Yanis!

Hagen Armenát Will says:

I’m a German. I say that Germany should talk more RESPECTFULLY with Greece.

Maximus Gulag says:

ECB had to use 56 billion euros last month to keep Greece’s banks afloat
and another emergency financing was put in place this January. ECB is the
only thing preventing a full-blown run on the local banks and Syriza wants
to stop negotiating? Do you understand that then the entire banking system
will collapse in March and normal citizens of Greece lose all their
savings. There is not going to be more money unless Greece responds earlier
agreements. And besides, it is a lie to say that the debt is too high.
Greece has MUCH lower interest rates than Portugal and other countries. But
still they can’t service the debt when the repayments only constitute 2.5%
of GDP? This is all going to collapse like a house of cards and there is no
blaming Germany for it. :[

Nichol Brummer says:

the wonderful comic-like quirkyness of the video fragments, and the
juxtapositions of totally different views on reality reminded me of the
movie series “The Gods must be crazy”. Maybe somebody should make a
movie like that about the Euro, or Greece.

deductionism says:

Όποιος μιλάει για αγενείς δημοσιογράφους είναι προφανώς συνηθισμένος σε
δημοσιογράφους κόλακες. Η δουλειά του δημοσιογράφου δεν είναι να κολακεύει
αλλά να κάνει εύστοχες ερωτήσεις και να πιέζει προκειμένου να λάβει ακριβές
απαντήσεις στα ερωτήματα τους (που οι πολιτικοί σχεδόν ποτέ δεν δίνουν)

Silver Destiny says:

The Jewish Zionist bankers are starting to get worried, so they put their
media puppets in attack mode lol.

It is very simple ,if you really want to know what’s going on and who is
behind this all you have to do is research 2 things:

1)Who is the Rothschild

2) and the real reason why and who benefit from world war 1 and 2 happened.

xrhstosc4 says:

Very shamefull for her…if a reporter like her can make a viewer so
angry…how did Varoufakis didnt snap and go all berserk on
her…unbelievable rudeness….shame on her…

YToLDSCHooL - Subscribe for Cookies! says:

Πόσο πιο ΘΕΟΣ αυτός ο άνθρωπος;

nikostz52 says:

For the first time in my life, as a 24 year old man, I can say: “I am proud
to be Greek”. I don’t know if our new government can pull of their hard
task, but for the first time as a citizen of this country, I have hope. For
the first time, I feel like there are people on the government that are
fighting for my benefit. Today, I am proud to be Greek.

teocius says:

European free thinkers, we need your support!
Not more money! Support! The amount of money you lend us went down the
drain cause of this austerity program, which as the IMF said ITS NOT
WORKING! This whole program was doomed to fail from the beginning.
Bankers took the majority of your money to balance their loss of the crisis!
Our people is constantly getting paid less (pensions and wages) while banks
keep wanting more.

It’s not working! You wont get your money back and we will default!
Lose-lose situation…

GLMusic says:

Well in cotrast to the rest of the ministers Greece has had, this guy has
style and keeps his cool, even when he is rightfully telling someone off!

HessitheOriginal says:

Well, the situation is pretty clear now and also what all those Greeks and
others who support Syriza should do.
There will be no more EU money for terms that Syriza can accept. It was
widely reported that a lot of Greeks strategically stopped paying their
taxes when it became clear that there would be new elections to see if they
could get better terms from the new government.
So, all Syriza supporters, put the Euros you hoarded back into Greece
banks, bring back the money you have in foreign banks, and pay your back
taxes so your golden boy Varoufakis has some money to work with. Cause now
you can be sure that the money will not be wasted by the Samaras
gouvernment and go to the rich North, no, it ll be invested in those social
security measures you support. Yannis can give you nice colorful hats for
that, he learned about those@Valve(“I support Syriza, i paid my property
tax for 2014!”, ” I support Syriza, i put 5000 € back into a Greek bank” ).
Suddenly rising tax revenues and bank deposits, that woould be a sign
Greeks put their money where their votes were, but who actually thinks this
is gonna happen?

spy mich says:

why did BBC put a sheepherder from the 70’s in a show in 2015? Disgusting.
And what a rude journalist. Does she have a superiority complex?

Brian Prager says:

And by the way, I would get rid of this host, asap. She is treating her
guest very poorly and disrespectfully like on a US FOX network “show” by
cutting him off mid-thought over and over in order to ask inane questions,
to bring more heat and confrontation into the conversation, and with
statements in direct contradiction of the answers she’s being given by the
Greek Minister of Finance. They refer to him as “a blogger” when what he is
is very sophisticated economist with a very deep knowledge of social and
natural sciences. One begins to think it best that serious people might
best simply stay away from the media unless it begins to treat them and us,
the listeners, with respect.

Angelo Lagis says:

Hello and Greetings from Greece.

I try not to get all fired up,but thing things that I read today in the
comments made me absolutely furious.Albrecht Ritschl, a german economic
historian,who was interviewed by Spiegel on 21 June 2011 said that Germany
neither did pay off the loans and occupation costs it pressed out of the
countries it had occupied during World War II. Not to the Greeks, either.

Hold that thought for a minute. Now I want YOU, to consider that Germany
has another kind of loan to pay, not only to Greece, but to EVERY damn
country it scorched with its fascist megalomaniac delusions of world
domination. Germany owes millions of souls. Now, assuming you are not
biased in any way, you must admit that Germany did these “things” in a
chronologically linear point of view: Germany invaded Poland on 1st of
September, 1939. On the 6th of April of 1941,Germany invades Greece through
Bulgaria while at the same time the Greek Army was defending my country
from the Italian troops that made a move on Greece on 28 October
1940.That’s 8 months of ongoing war with Italy. Casualties for Greece (
only for Greece ) after the war:

1) The estimate of greek casualties during WW II is somewhere 320.000 and
and 807.000 souls.
2) 89 officially recognised holocausts from Berlin.
3) A war loan was forced on the National Bank Of Greece to Germany by
Hitler. Not to mention that all that Greece could produce in the years of
war were used to supply the nazi troops, leading greek people to death from
starvation on their own soil.

The forced war loan remains unpaid to this day.Hold that thought too.

I want to add another thing. The Greek debt in 1993 was 100.51% of GPD
which rose and fell year over year while in 2008 was 110.721%.

In 15 years of corrupt Governments the debt rose ~10% from 1993-2008.
Since the outbreak of the euro-economic crisis that started in 2008 the
traitor prime minister George Papandreou makes Greece an economic slave to
the Troika,in “hopes” of guidance and help from our fellow friends in
Europe and mainly Germany, so that Greece would stand again on its feet.

Well guess what, Greece’s debt has skyrocketed to 174.9% of GDP. The word
for this kind of debt is odious. The conclusion is that the austerity
measures have proven to be a bad medicine. Not to mention that besides the
debt, unemployment is over 60% and that poverty today plagues 2.5 million
people when in 2008 that number was 1.5 million. You want Greece to pay its
debt? It already has. You now can now understand what words like Irony and
Hypocrisy mean. After all, those 2 words have for the best of my 25 years
gained a german flavour to me taste.

You need to wake up. We are regaining our place in the world. We are
reclaiming our place on this earth.Our freedom and breath. Our lives and a
reason to wake up every morning happy. We owe you nothing. We have paid
more than enough with our blood, souls, money and civilisation. You owe us
most of your most alphabet,your mathematics,astronomy,music theory and many
others. But the most important thing that you owe us,and that my dear
friend whoever and wherever you are,is democracy.And that debt is
unplayable to the end of time itself.

anthoulix says:

That’s one of the worst interviews I have seen. I knew that BBC was
conservative but this is disgusting and not at all journalism, it looked
more like a personal attack to me. Gladly Varoufakis was very polite during
the whole interview to such a rude and hostile journalist, underlining her
attitude. I am very happy that we have finally an outspoken and smart
economist as our minister of finance and I hope that he negotiates
passionately until Greece gets the dialogue and options that rightfully

Danae Stratou says:

This is not at all what the finance minister said! He said that the Greek
government will cooperate with the European Commission, the Central Bank
and the IMF but not with the TROIKA….

ManosGreece72 says:

Φον Μπαρουφ Κωλοτούμπας.

Το πρωϊ :
Με την σαθρά δομημένη τριμερή επιτροπή δεν έχουμε στόχο να συνεργαστούμε.

Το βράδυ :
– Will you deal with them as a body ?
– Of course we will.

Ξυδάκι στο πωπάκι αγράμματα ΣΥΡΙΖόπουλα.

Anna ChGi says:

Oh sweetie it’s okay to hurt that you lost your servant.. We Greeks will
not be your whores anymore..! We will not be your slaves nor your toys.
Stop lying to people. Germany never paid us back for the WW2. Even right
now they made mistakes at their estimates during our dealing policy! No we
will not pay for those you stole Greece moneys. And let’s not talk about
Hungary (she got 50% deletion of her dept) or Holland that she owns 564
billions to Europe.! And if you want to destroy us or to throw us out of
Europe… Go ahead sweethearts and do it but first ask yourself.. If you
borrow money to someone and that someone bankrupts please oh so nobble
people.. who is going to lose more??? You or the borrower?? We don’t have
anything else to lose.. It’s ALL or NOTHING.. Accordingly to our history
and as our flag shows we will either be free our will die. We Greeks may
not have your economy or your power but we have something that you will not
find easily in you.. We are insistent and when we fight even if we re going
to lose we always stand and look the other in the eyes (even during
economic wars as our finance minister Varoufakis showed you). The previous
government the only thing that did was to make us the clowns of Europe and
to betray us. They destroyed our history, our present and they tried to
destroy our future too. You want us out of Europe? DO it! You have to lose
more than we do… And we are not alone! Spain, Italy and Portugal are just
like us! So don’t be scared brothers!! HASTA LA VICTORIA! VENCEREMOS!

Bernardo Mendes says:

… and he says he likes BBC… what a mouthpiece of a “journalist”.

Dexterr says:

What a bitch! Sorry BBC Varoufakis is so fucking clever! Idiot reporter!

chris zournatzis says:

Its obvious she was told to be like that!she wants to give a bad image of
the new Greece!And since i am a Greek UK Citizen i can assure you the
british government and cameron especially have all the worst intentions
regarding Greece. They want to terrorize the rest europe on this

spy mich says:

A nobody journalist from BBC asks rudely the Greek minister to answer her
with a simple yes or no?!! Who the fuck do these English people think they
are. Scotland you should have voted for independence. This comes from a

777nextleVelbeast says:

Go Yannis Varou-f@ck this shit man!! Έτσι…

Policy Maker says:

Where logic ends, politics begins.

Brian Prager says:

The narrative introduction with the cutesy images and backward running
cartoon distractions is pure fiction. No attempt here to describe the
political and historical circumstances or to enlighten the audience about
the substance of the struggle to restore democracy for a member state,
against the EU.
And no, Angela Merkel has not proposed a “competitive Greece” against the
new government’s now-starting attempt to restabilize Greek society via
wages, reinvestment and rebuilding, etc. What Merkel and the Troika have
proposed to now for Greece is enslavement to massive bank debt induced by
German-dominated banking to drop the bottom out from under the people of
Greece, and create a super-cheap starvation labor force.

mindflower says:

All the previous years you refused to listen to our voices and recognize
our existences, you bombed us with debt and teargases, you beat us with
clubs, you killed thousands of us, now is time to listen to us and our
demands, you don’t have other choice if you want to keep your euro banking
zone alive. New Deal or bye bye euro coin western democracy.

Alkomp75 says:

Look at how this arrogant bureaucrat Dijsselbloem behaves
towards Professor Varoufakis the elected finance minister.The
representative of the mafia political elite consisted of Merkel , the
man with the inferiority complex Schaumble and that fraudster from
Luxembourg Jean Claude Juncker.They can’t accept there’s an elected
government in Athens , they still think they talk with their puppet Samaras

Nick Sotiropoulos says:

Shame on her…. very rude. Almost demanding “yes or no” to every single
question she read from her notes…. Someone in BBC should remind her that
multiple choice tests are for driving licence exams not for interviewing
finance ministers. She was answered properly however. 

Mina Mila says:

it is so shameful for a channel like BBC that cannot really do a good job!
For one thing this idiot did not know simple politeness rules. That are:
you do not INTERRUPT the speaker before he finishes. The europeans continue
taking very lightly this story. But sorry I forgot they are always SO
SUPERIOR in everything….

hawtjam says:

What kind of journalist is that? Has she done her research? I mean, I could
have a convo with a politician as well just by playing with titles. Shame
on you BBC. she needs to be fired. Do your homework b*tch or even better go
join the Celebrity Big Brother house. 

Bill Blackκ says:

it’s obvius he wont say what you want him to say,so shut the fuck up and
listen you stupid reporter

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