World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes
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This is priceless!



ThePinhead2112 says:

This is a classic. “That’s what I am asking you!”. Great play on the classic Abbott and Costello skit. Plus I hate Banksters. 

Damian Torn says:

You overlook the obvious…
When China begins to dump the US debt it owns, what do you think will happen?
8% is more than enough to start the dominoes falling at a fast pace. What will happen to the amounts/values held by pensions, etc.?
No, there’s no conspiracy. But China isn’t buying US debt because it’s being a nice friend. It expects more than just some small return on investment. All financial moves have more than one objective.
What’s China’s possible objectives . . . the top 5?

Skip Licht says:

Great video…thank you! Google “Serenity Gardens EcoVillage” and
“Osa Mountain Village” in Costa Rica and start developing a “PLAN B”….
you will be glad you did!

Jay Em says:

Move over Abbott and Costello!

decaturcrazypeople says:

Way too many morons in the world. China only holds 8% of our national debt. With Japan right beside them. Most of the US debt over 11 trillion of it is owed to government pension funds, Social Security, the federal reserve bank and american investors. People that believe that ongoing conspiracy theory that china owns the US is just a dumbass.

SuperSemitone says:

Well…we’ll just spend some time in a post-modern feudal-like societal structure before things even out again. You know, a few super rich owning and governing the lives of 99% pathetically poor peasantry.
Unless the world has a huge Marxist revolution, or something to that effect although I doubt that will ever happen again.

Sharron Madruga says:

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Astrid van Triet says:

There is only one programming rule needed in a bank application, to create monthly enough money for every person to be alife (what most will call ‘a basic income’). Costs nothing. You can program that on every transaction a thousanth of the amount dissolves by itself, so the money won’t pile up. It’s the only thing we need to do. Just one programming rule….. NOT having this programming rule is having all the shit instead. smoothparadigmshift(dot)net (the site is in Dutch).

Karl Mattias says:

If you want air money, buy a bag of chips…

millyionnnn says:

He says sell everything because in the end when it all collapses if you hold any paper stock bonds, ira , money markets, mutual funds in those currencies it will be worthless, One minute your worth millions next your stocks are worth nothing …Buy precious metals !

MrHaloswrath says:

LOL, U.S. owned by China. O.M.G it’s almost true!!!! They don’t own all of it yet but most!! America is just in a Coma due to this Obama care and the government officials keeping her on life support. But when she wakes from this crazy dream all these ” doctors” i.e. government officials will soon get what’s coming to them, hang on world it’s going to get bumpy.

chapiit08 says:

Money that doesn’t exist, just an idea, fiat money, air money, whatever we want to call it.

CokeZIlli says:

What does he say at the end there? Sell everything? Why?

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Zeta Reticuli says:

Money devaluates when the government runs out of money to spend (God knows how from the taxes we pay) and prints more money of the same value, so since there is more money around, stores raise their prices to compensate, the money you have on the other hand doesn’t increase, so essentially the money you have is worth less.
Think of it like this:
A can of coke costs $2
You have $2, inflation causes the coke to raise to $6, and now you can’t afford it. And yes, it would be like the ’30s.

nintendude60 says:

yeah but money devaluates when you do this. I don’t understand how money has any value when they do this. itll be like the 1930’s bringing barrels of cash for a loaf of bread.

Zeta Reticuli says:

Say China pays its debts to America, America now has money from China to spare, America uses that money to pay its debts to Russia, Russia uses that money to pay its debts to China, and it just spins round like that in a much larger, much more vicious cycle.
I can’t really explain it, it’s easy to understand, just difficult to explain x3
And btw unlike your average desktop mac the bank supercomputers don’t just crash, they’re like big, giant memory USB sticks with 15 tonnes of digital security

Longitudinal Dielectricity says:


roborobert1 says:

167 people work for wall street.

nintendude60 says:

I know this, but still. its all digital but then again its like wha? how do markets keep from crashing?

nintendude60 says:

I know this, but still. its all digital but then again its like wha? how do markets keep from crashing?

The Lone Ranger says:

True, i believe that could be when the troops will be ordered to round up the people and civilians in detention-camps.
Eeer, I always wondered why F.e.m.a had barb-wire on the fences, and why the guards never let Jesse Ventura enter on the inside. It made me curious.

The troops will definitely have guns and weaponry with high-capacity, speed and tons of rounds, they are preparing for execution.
We have to try and spread this around the net. Hopefully, it’ll end up
on t.v or in school, i pray.

Anıl Karataş says:

that’s how they keep the flow going and how the banks and governments keep giving each other non existent money. at the end you end up with a population where 1 percent has 40 percent of the weath. 60 percent is struggling to pay off simple necessities and the rest is middle class trying to pay the taxes. during this madness rich people and the banks and whoever prints the money or loans it to you takes it back from you in any means possible that’saverage person is being enslaved with money.

Anıl Karataş says:

holy fucking shit you have no idea what’s going on do you ?
let me give you some info ….. there is no fucking money….. no fucking money at all more than 95 percent of the money is digital… it’s made out of thin air. it doesn’t fucking exist except in bits inside computers. less than 5 percent of the money is “real”. Everyone owes money to everyone else bcuz the system is in a chokehold where the only exit they see is to cause inflation and create some more money out of thin air.

ve3tru says:

Its a ponzi scheme, explain to me how can every country in the world be in debt.

Slave2PaperWithInkOn says:

WTF? EXACTLY. Checkout the 2min52 vid “Why Do Banks Make So Much Money?” by Positive Money UK. Peace

Reticulato O says:

The problem with money in any form is that it has value only because we say its does. Money does not really exist.

usmc2076 says:

when money collaspes people will just take what they want…then the chaos begins

Brian Gilson says:

That’s what i’m asking you!

TheJoshtheboss says:

This hilarious :D. I love the face he does when told “You’re wasting valuable time.” and Roger goes “That’s why I’m asking you!” haha class act.

kidknickers says:

Precious metal (namely gold) will always be valuable, even during a “world collapse.” Gold has been valuable in every region of the world at all points in human history.

RatPfink66 says:

“You’re wasting very valuable time, Roger.”

tropitech says:

this video is 3 years old and even more relevant now, very funny!

Ewel Cumingiturluv says:

“Who’s on first? What’s on second? Third base.” They should do that one.

Phalon Young says:

China owns the world answer solved

literaturesurvey says:

In the doom’s day, Jews will buy all the GOLD n SILVER, but the WORLD G20=Obama+Putin+China++ will make a money system backed by REAL WEALTH=Grain, Oil, Tech, … & they’ll declare Gold & Silver WORTHLESS: Ultimately God WILL WIPE OUT ISRAEL like Sodom
Ezekiel 7:19 They’ll THROW their SILVER into streets & their gold will be treated as unclean.Their silver & gold wont deliver them in the day of God’s WRATH. It wont fill their stomachs 4 it has caused them to stumble into SIN=CRIME

nintendude60 says:

so everyone owes money…. but to who? and who keeps giving them money when they have no money to lend? im not just talking about europe but the entire world. WTF?

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