What Would You Do If You Found This Life Changing Amount Of Money?

What Would You Do If You Found This Life Changing Amount Of Money?
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Carlos Vicarrondo says:

Be fat, lazy, pompus bastard like almost every other rich person.

labtec coza says:

The first one is so fake.

Who has a legal 98000 dollars in cash?
Who would give it back?
Who would forget 98000 dollars in cash when selling a bureau on fucking

And it’s obviously drugs money or something.. No person in their right mind
would keep that money not in a bank or invest it…

Tuzzz94 says:

Ultimately, it matters what makes you feel the best in the long term. Do
you keep the money, don’t regret stealing it and enjoy spending it? Or are
you proud of yourself for returning it, and makes you feel like a great
person for being honest?

AngryLookingBanana says:

This makes me feel like a shitty person because i would never return the
money, finders keepers.
But it was really nice of the people returning the stuff they are better
people then i am.

killosopher says:

So many things wrong with the first story it hurts. First off. A Jewish
person giving back 98,000 that he found? Surely it’s fake or he’s one in a
million. His other Jewish brethren must be disowning him. LOL. And if you
lose 98,000 in the same manner as you lose your TV remote than I dont think
you deserve the money all that much. thats all.

Evilgenius60 says:

I wouldn’t take any of these things because:
1) I have no use for it. I have no idea how to turn a diamond ring into
money and people would just assume I stole it if I did.
2) Wouldn’t be able to stand the guilt.
3) I don’t want to accidentally steal drug money and get killed.

Percy Jackson says:

What a nice thing to do. He returned the money because he was thinking
about how it would really suck to be the person who lost it and not how
great it would be to have it

SUP3RBlTCH says:

ROFL such bulshit
“oh yeah thats my money i put it bak there” No one is going to FORGET where
they left there $98k THOUSAND dollars
fucking idiots should of kept it
the lady obviously didnt know it was there and the previous owners
obviously had it in there ….

dexistence19 says:

Yeah I’m sure the money was “inheritance” money……..

Norm C says:

Fuk dem keepda cash if u dat stupid and misplaced u cash u didnt need it

Jamie Williamson says:

i would have spent it on food games and porn

Steve Tacular says:

Oh hell no. Keepin it.

beRAIme says:

that jew is rich as hell anyway

CartoonConvict says:

ya I would have kept both amounts of money but probably gave the ring back

Hacker41822 says:

Isnt that 50 Cent? XDDD

Bushy Bush says:

A Jew who did not want even a penny? What have stereotypes come to.. tut
tut.. can we longer have stereotypes? I no longer want to live in such a
cruel world.

TheMcfw says:


Faisal GH says:

Jewish returning money to rightful owner? Pfft I call bollocks on this one.

NinjaMaster says:

I would Buy A laptop And Then Go to sleep With it :3

Guus Tielens says:

On the other hand: How did they get $98000 cash? Is it really such a good

F0XOM3GA says:

funny how “doing the right things” get you famous. even though everyone
should be doing it..

cptkman says:

First thing that I think is…. Finders keepers :/ and the homeless man now
has a better moral compas than me…… Ouch

sobbo123 says:

The first one is totally drug money. I’d just donate it to charity.

Jamie Brown says:

You dont deserve the money if your that stupid enough to lose it like

St gT says:

i found my moms wallet with 250 dollars. what am i gonna do :)

TheBojanglesPanda60 says:

Jews, breaking the stereotype one step at a time

WhatsATunechi says:

Bob has decided that nuclear
☻/ / weapons are the only way to fix youtube.
/▌ |☢| Copy and Paste this all over youtube
/ //||\ to completely obliterate Google+

Constantine XI says:

A Jew? Return money? What the hell?

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