US Debt Crisis – 2012 was only for America

US Debt Crisis – 2012 was only for America
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A must watch video for all specially for those who are considering going to US in future!!



KK Fung says:

How come this video is identical to “Government Debt and You” by Ahijab? Who is copying whom?

Abe Hong says:

cambodia uses us dollars too

AlrightMiami says:

Get rid of income tax. Flat 15% federal sales tax and a lot more revenue will come flying in. Not to mention, its the most fair tax system.

Hjernespreng says:

Yes, so I assume that’s also going to involve all the OIL SUBSIDIES that the American government is shoving out to their rich sponsors, yes?
I also assume that the HUNDREDS OF TANKS that Congress approved of having built, which the US military didn’t NEED or WANT, would be stopped, right? Oh wait, the rich guys owning the manufacturing companies would be upset by that.

And it is VERY clear that America’s policy of licking the asses of the top 1% has NOT helped ANYONE else than that 1%.

mikedd56 says:

If your in massive debt b/c you spend way more than you make, you think any debt management place would ever tell you just make more money. Even if that was an option would they ever say oh its cool dont cut down your spending. No matter what they would all say STOP SPENDING MORE THAN YOU MAKE
This is not simply take from the rich or the poor as much as they try to make it seem that way. They already raised taxes on the rich. Plus they dont even have enough money to handle obama’s spending

Gabriela Rojas says:

We must stop to produce money form them. We must stop to work.


$1,000,000,000,000 is alot of fuckin money

doodelay says:

I do not think its inevitable

Jack Bum says:

Decreasing spending on people that need the money vs increasing taxes on people that make the money. Hmmmm.

OldSerpentOfSin says:

I just felt like saying that, not much of a point there.

novasaturn says:

this video is sooo stupid, it assumes that the U.S. economy will not grow!! First of all, because of immigration, the U.S. will have about 430 million people in 20-25 years!! If those new immigrants are given the CHANCE and the OPPORTUNITY to be successful, then you will see a new economic expansion!! Which means, DO NOT ATTACK NEW IMMIGRANTS, it’s like shooting yourself in the FOOT.

dgd1ego says:

the only solution to this is

theking1175 says:


TorakTuYabu says:

I live in the USA. I don’t blame those who hate on it. I have seen some good and bad things happen from our government, as well as other governments. But on the other hand, being racist against the USA or any other faction or country doesn’t make you any better. Remember, we all are trying to survive on this rock.

chrism216 says:

and your point is?

reifsneider says:

lol no doubt people would buy, if people bought the pet rock then its safe to say they’d buy anything. love your picture btw

brianmiami says:

We should cut medicare and medicaid and force the elderly to work.

CorporateEvolution says:

The tax revenue would decline, as when it is legalised the supply with increase quite substantially and the street price will drop considerably, though you could probably tax it at a stupid rate like 70%, and people would still buy it.

CorporateEvolution says:

The great depression was worse than the GFC, over 9000 banks collapsed, ten years of recession, global trade declining by 50%, nations defaulting on debt. Globally nearly every country was hit. The main fear about the GFC was that it would lead to another great depression. 

sl9sl9 says:

No, he said there had never been a global economic collapse (a debt crisis) before, which is correct. These are far worse than a financial crisis, because you can usually just borrow your way out of a financial crisis (e.g. great depression).

The video did not mention however that there is one major positive effect of inflation: all the debts (including government debt) of everyone are reduced in value, they go down in real terms. This is the only thing holding off a collapse right now.

Desperadon Breadman says:


the only way to pay all that debt is BY GIVING OUT LAND. dont be surprised if parts of the USA become china territory cause of all the debt the usa has.

wyatt white says:

and thats why im never paying for anything I cant afford. i thought that was common sense. retarded ass north america im living in

Kenneth Hill says:

have you heard of a place called california?

reifsneider says:

its a 30 something billion dollar a year business…potentially, the government could tax the shit out of it too. What i dont get is, Obama has pardoned several people that were convicted of marijuana related crimes, during his first term he seemed to be down for it. But now he has turned on it, saying that he is cracking down on it once more….

reifsneider says:

Are you kidding me? So many people grow pot in the united states, hell the government itself grew and experimented on civilians with its own strains. Some conspiracy theorists suggest all the pot in the U.S. is grown by the government, as way of indirectly influencing people…but thats bs. In california, where it has been legalized, people who have a permit to smoke it, can grow up to 6 plants, there is totally tons of pot here. We should sell it to other countries, now thats bank!

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