Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown

Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown
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The Bush Admin and Senator McCain warned repeatedly about Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac and what thus became the 2008 financial crisis — starting in 2002 (and ac…



throckmorton09 says:

tell me exactly what Bush did to cause the meltdown. name one piece of legislation.

grfield1 says:

McCain’s insight was amazing. The Dems arrogance is incredulous. They pulled it all off because of the media biase. Obama the media darling.

L.A. Chacin says:

there is a bubble presently,
check an aticle on the current state of the econom and the fed minute’s warning.

truthinstyle says:

McCain is no more… He does not know that conservatives are coming to stop his progressive leanings…

truthinstyle says:

We all know Dems created the destruction to our country through laws making banks fund failures who do no work and support their desire to be useless…

osgeek says:

Both parties are moving toward the cliff. The Republicans are walking in measured paces while the Democrats are running as fast as they can with scissors in their hands… downhill.

osgeek says:

Fox lies? This isn’t just Sean Hannity opinion stuff. These were actual Bush Administration legislation proposals. The video was from actual congressional hearings. I remember seeing some of it back in the day.  The conventional wisdom as early as 2004 was that the housing bubble had to burst because of these factors. It’s very sad that after crapping in the bed, the Democrats are trying to blame the Republicans for it.

osgeek says:

The whole purpose of the debt ceiling is to slow down congress’s ability to increase America’s debt. That’s a good thing.

Jaime Uh says:

Lol are you people fucking kidding me!!!!!??!!!! Bush was not at fault holy shot what in gods name is wrong with America

ProductBreaks says:

Uh huh…

Please search for the following in youtube

“Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? Bombshell”

ProductBreaks says:

Uh huh…

Search for the following in youtube

“Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? Bombshell”

Gary Gray Sr says:

you do know you are a moron right ?

Gary Gray Sr says:

so you are retarded correct?

ChampaignDeluxe says:

Randy Phelps,

You hereby stand corrected: Unemployment was at 4.1% prior to the housing crash that Clinton and democrats created under the CRA.

ChampaignDeluxe says:

KarenCruce, there seems to be a broad gap between what you say and what you know. In the 90s, it was Clinton who strengthened the provisions in Jimmy Carter’s COMMUNITY REINVESTMENT ACT (Google it) while prohibiting banks and lending institutions from requiring minority mortgage applicants to provide proof of employment, past tax returns, W-2s, etc..

It was also Clinton who forced Fannie and Freddie to guarantee or purchase all the subprime mortgages the CRA gave birth to (google CRA).

KarenCruce says:

The Republicans hold the pursestrings, the peoples’ business should never be held hostage by bills that the congress has already racked up, and the debt ceiling should always be raised in order to pay it’s bills.

KarenCruce says:

Lies, lies and more Fox lies! Bush staunchly supported the housing bubble crisis. B o A got a 150,000,000,000$ dollar bail out and left all of their bundled bad loans for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to bail out. The CEO got a GOLDEN PARACHUTE, while the rest of us were left holding the umbrella-less shaft!! The BIG BANKS are still scavenging the little folk under the guise of and in the name of the FEDS!!

Maxwell Smart says:

clevy911 said “people didn’t lose their homes until after they lost their jobs. Unemployment is the cause of foreclosure most of the time. Stupid gop lies” I assume he means unemployment caused the housing collapse, hence the financial crisis of 2007-2008? Please correct me if I am wrong. To address his argument we have to consider two questions: When did unemployment begin to nosedive? When did the housing market begin to crash? Job loss didn’t cause the housing market crisis – government did.

Kevin G says:

And the same thing is going on right now with this debt ceiling deal. The Democrats created it and twisted many Republican arms to pass it. The media is now blaming the deal on the Republicans. It’s amazing how many Democrats think that the Republicans control all of Congress.

lololol1941 says:

even if you could somehow legitimately argue that republicans were the cause of the financial crisis… at least they pass budgets… and that’s why Democrats have made this problem so much worse than it started out as…

daveblue101 says:

Obama’s zombie socialists.

Zac6230 says:

not exactly , democrats are billions of times worse

Cooper Smith says:

They were hoping to regulate government sponsored enterprises. Fannie and Freddie are arms of the government and the Republicans were smart enough to notice that a collapse of those two giants would lead to big financials meltdowns. Fool.

rpmdude says:

Yes, when it comes to private business (and doesn’t involve health like pharmaceuticals, etc.) but government projects need regulation to ensure against mismanagement, waste, theft, all the things a CEO would look out for. That’s just my take on it,

hithereal says:

Both parties are responsible for the collapse in the economy

8MMATS12S says:


Jennifer Cribsly says:

The real estate crisis was no accident.

betterworld1 says:

the truth is that democrats are domestic enemy #1.

TomMinderson says:

Fuxnews is very biased. And why didn’t their Expensive Historian, Newt Gingrich, say anything at the time?

jmm3113 says:

Sorry to tell you this but there is AMPLE EVIDENCE showing that Bush saw the risk and warned about it several times!

Bayhuntr says:

Why does it say warning Democrats? Republicans had control of all branches the first 6 years of the Bush Administration? Bush was giving speeches in 2002 pushing more loans to poor people with smaller down payments? Bushes last 2 years he found his veto pin, Democrats couldn’t do much. This is a Republican mess! Franks had no power until 2007. Apparently
Canadians are getting as stupid as the American right.

IkeDyson71 says:

Cry “fowl”?

Don’t you mean cry “foul”?

A “fowl” is a chicken, or a turkey. A “fowl” means poultry – birds to eat.

Don’t they teach you basic English in Australia?

darkdavegmail says:

Can you prove your assertions that the facts in the video here has been manipulated?
It’s easy to cry fowl, but on what basis?

lthom33 says:

“The Credit Crisis: The Bush Administration’s Record of Denial and Regulatory Neglect”

The above has dates, etc. But, instead of researching the facts, Republican drones believe that a manipulated Youtube video, created by God knows who, has all the facts. With people like you we do not need enemies~

bobist8 says:

It must be obvious by now, to at least some of you, that the prime agenda of the Republican party is to hand over to the corporate owners of this country, total control of the government. The owners already own practically everything, but they want government control too. Why? Well, because there’s still plenty of money to be squeezed out of the middle class and the poor. It would be “bad business” to pass that up. That’s why Wall Street and the big money players want Romney to be their puppet.

tehjeffman says:

1:15 You Know Nothing Jon Snow

SkuIICrusherGhost says:

Connect the dots, it all comes back to Acorn Cronies which has over 100
diff names so its hard to track. We have Mentally ill people running the Country.
Lets test them, for STUPID.
Think about it Regulate the Banks because We impose Stupid Laws that will
cause them to self destruct.

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