Silver & Gold – Debt Collapse – Mike Maloney

Silver & Gold – Debt Collapse – Mike Maloney
or copy the link Mike Maloney is the author of the world’s best selling book on precious metals investing. Since 2003 he has been advocating gold an…



William Todd says:

Did you buy stock in gold or physical gold? I just bought my first 1 ounce silver round a couple weeks ago, and with my income I’m going to try and buy at least one each month. Eventually I may look into trading or selling my silver as a way to purchase gold when I get enough silver. What is your opinion on that idea? I make less than $1000 a month so I can’t rush out and just buy gold bars, not that I wouldn’t like to.

jbloun911 says:

love this guy

llamas1234 says:

This presenation should be shown in every school across the world.

1981Yassa says:

I bought 2 ounces of Gold… And I am very happy about it … I will buy 1-2 more.. and hope to buy a 60m2 flat with all 3 or 4 :) :) We will see what happens :)

Beastking50 says:

When we are told when to sell, what do we sell for? Obviously not dollars right? What/when will be the next currency of trade or monetary system will be?

Y0utubeIsMYFriend says:

When this video was uploaded gold was 1780, while Dow was 11k.
Today gold is 1570, dow well over 14k. Talking about wealth cycles, you should have been in stocks for last couple of years, as well year or two ahead of us imho.

Christian Dystopian says:

It is not Gold & Silver or any other form of either money or currency the Mega Rich are after. It is control. If I control the water, food, air, medicine, purchased the political system, Why would cost matter to me. Crushing the poor & destruction of the middle class is a deliberate design to increase control. Free Market Capitalism died long ago. Only now are we beginning to see it has been replaced by an Oligarchy. The entire world is now Essentially ruled by Corporate Fascism.

danieltpcobb says:

Please watch this

Johnny LeRose says:

No thing has value, except by agreement.

Adonis0Fuse says:

Look to Egypt when money “failethed”….. Pharaoh “forecasted” a famine….bought food instead of “money”…..then when famine hit, those with money starved…appealed to Pharaoh for food…took their money, then their land…..and still…..was Pharaoh.

whygoldandsilver says:

Keep learning. Gold is the ultimate money. Simple as that. To say that ‘money is useless’ is to say that progress is useless. Humans invented money to overcome the restrictions of the barter system. Gold won’t collapse – however currencies will…which I think you are confusing with money. Good luck.

Alexander Vestergaard says:

which a small minority takes advantage, while the majority just keeps on feeding them, trying to survive. Gold is useless, money is useless and it is all going to collapse sooner or later.

Alexander Vestergaard says:

Gold is pretty (although I don’t see it), colourful, it doesn’t corrode and all that other good stuff, but what’s the practical use of it? Most of it is stuck behind thick concrete walls, unused. Some of it is made into luxury goods – also no practical value, but people desire these goods because of that big dream. Gold is soft and heavy, which is why most industries don’t find much use of it. There are far better alternatives. Gold is no different from money – it’s all just a big illusion from

timtak1 says:

The fact that gold is difficult to produce, combined with its longevity means that it is more likely to be kept, and exist in abundance. There is lots of gold in the world, partly due to the difficultly of mining it and the fact that it does not rot.

Gold is not in itself money.

The tendency for gold to exist is also a liability should it cease to be viewed as money. Unlike paper it can not be re-issued. It can not easily be burnt, or made scarce.

It has thus propensity to turn to scrap.

timtak1 says:

In a response (now withheld) someone emphasized the fact that paper currency can be printed whereas gold has to be mined.

This is a big difference. That commenter was very right to point it out.

This difference is normally thought to imply that therefore, paper currency can loose its value more easily than gold, because people can print money but can not print gold.

However, I think the difference cuts the other way.

To be continued.

timtak1 says:

I think that I am going to buy some tinned food, and kerosine, seriously.

timtak1 says:

I do believe what Mike is saying – that the price of gold and silver is going to sky-rocket – but timing is going to very important since after the collapse of the dollar it is potatoes, corn and kerosine that are going to be worth a lot and those that have them may not be interested in your shiny gold metal.

If you join Mike’s club (for about the cost of an oz) he’ll tell you when to divest. I wonder what he is going to suggest that folks buy. Rental property? People may not pay rents. Guns?

timtak1 says:

I don’t think it is easy to set up a currency. Once set up, however, all you have to do is press print, whereas in the case of gold if you want more you have to go down a mine.

The only problem is that since we don’t have much practical use for gold, there are thousands of tons of this useless pretty metal being stored all over the world, and because gold is not real money (just real metal) there could, and I believe will, come a time when it is just scrap metal.

Timing is everything eh.

hoskinsjr1 says:

If you truly believe everything you say then you should leave our currencies and use YOUR own. Yeah just print something on your computer with your face and your amount and go and buy what you want… Gold, actually has to be mined, people: alot of people by the way have to work and sweat to mine gold. Dollars require even more work, you see you go to your Fed underground facility where Dollars are held and you hit the “print” button. Oh wait that sounds easy, well best of luck with YOUR money!

da truth says:

Our currency is no longer entirely based on Gold and other rare metals. In our modern economy, currency is based more on the nation’s infrastructure, natural resources, and most importantly I think: the people.

Taylor Chambers says:

Somehow, I think you’re going to be one of those guys who gets fucked.

timtak1 says:

I think that you should lose the word “existence.” Gold as money does not exist. The monetary aspect of gold is due to our shared dream of its worth. Gold is like amber, buffalo, or yams that all “exist” but had their time (not existence) as money for so long as the societies that shared a dream about them existed. Yeah, gold does seem to be historically the one that people come back to, but then historically people were religious, and God was something that they came back to, but now? Go(l)d?

00001MeTaBoLiC10000 says:

The bubble has popped!!!

fliptthescript says:

and gold is sky rocketing down/…

whygoldandsilver says:

Appreciate all your comments. Ok let me rephrase to be totally clear here. Gold is indeed, by its very existence, scarcity, and inability to be be printed…different. Most currencies ‘exist’ only inside computer chips as binary blips. That’s along way from the ultimate metal that never corrodes, is portable, durable, divisible, fungible…and can be a medium of exchange. Hold on, we might be on to something here. Gold would work great as…MONEY! Paperweight Shmaperweight. Gold is money.

timtak1 says:

You are saying two things, reversing the order
1) That gold has a longer history. True. We have shared the same dream for longer.
2) Gold exists. I think that this statement misleading. Gold exists like paper dollars exist except a bit heavier. But gold, like the dollar, is in and of itself useless, good only for paper/weights. If you mean to say that gold as money “exists” then I think that this is misleading.

Gold as money is only a shared dream, but a longer dream & so far a recurring one.

whygoldandsilver says:

I understand where you are coming from, but at this stage it is important to point out that gold does actually exist, it is the ultimate money as determined by the mass consensus of human activity over 5000+ years. So gold is indeed, by its very existence…different.

timtak1 says:

“Our entire currency system is imaginary. It doesn’t really exist, it’s just that we are dreaming the same dream.”

100% true.

But gold is no different (except is it a little prettier, maybe, or heavier generally).

timtak1 says:

“It is all and imaginary agreement and it is all given value because your experience yesterday is that a dollar purchased you something so you expect that it is going to do so tomorrow.”


But gold is the same. Gold is pretty but gold is useless. It is another currency that is not backed up by a government. It is backed up only by the dream of value, the “imaginary agreement” of people that trade in it.

Yes it does gain value. So do currencies. They very similar.

timtak1 says:

The difference between a claim check on a shirt and a claim check on gold is that you can use the shirt, but the gold bar or gold coin is just scrap metal.

Sure, gold is valuable, for electronics, and durable rings, but so is paper for writing on or lighting fires. Gold is mainly valuable because like currency it is valued by others. But it in itself, like paper, is pretty damn useless. It shines. Big deal.

timtak1 says:

This polemical device has (according to Derrida) been used over and over again. Philosophers (Mike is one too) raise a naff-sign (currency, writing, indication, speech acts) and point out how it is derivative, secondary, impure, and then claim that there is the real deal, something that has meaning in and of itself. But in fact, the “real deal” (gold) has the same naffness has the currency. It too was not value.

Kiyosaki waves pieces of paper and says trash. Gold too is trash. Mike knows this

timtak1 says:

Derridean Deconstruction! Yess.

Mr. Maloney is trying to raise a distinction between gold and paper money, as if the one has value and the other is just “a claim check” on the other.

He is trying to claim a duality, between signs and their value/meaning. He raises a naff sign ($) and then says “ah but there is real value in gold.” This is BS. It is like plato saying that writing is not the real deal but speech is. It is like Husserl saying that indication is naff but expression is real.

timtak1 says:

“They would say that there has been deposited with the united states treasury twenty dollars in gold. The money was in the vault, the note that they gave you was a claim check. ”

I disagree.

Notes in days past did say you could swap your note for some gold. But I believe that the “money” (i.e. gold) was also always a currency.

Few people consume gold. It is just another lot of paper. It is dumb metal.

Gold was a currency there was never any “money.” It was always trust, a fantasy.

timtak1 says:

I used to be an electronics engineer too. I know what Mike means when he talks about “overshoot.” Systems reach equilibria, sometimes, but they always overshoot to get there, depending on the amount of feedback/damping.

I was also taught about “imaginary poles” and their use in creating a sort of fake feedback to increase damping. I wonder what “imaginary poles” relate to in economics. The “Invisible hand”? The less we believe in them, the more unstable the system, the more overshoot.

tcskill17 says:

Im 15 years old, and i will invest all the fiat currency i have in my bank account in silver bullion bars.

00001MeTaBoLiC10000 says:

You don’t lose big time if you understand when to buy and sell. Gold and silver could go lower. You can never pick the bottom but 27-28 has support for silver.

TheBilliejones says:

“LAST 5000 years”

-Clearly, reading comprehension is not a strong suit for you. More to the point, he never said that a person had to live 5000 years….YOU asserted that. You sir, are a total fraud IMO.

AirelonTrading says:



Cuz those are some fracking nasty deviations around that time frame …

vacakpocok says:

This clown advised in his book to get fully invested in gold and silver. No investor with a reasonable mind would get fully invested in anything. What a moron. He is a gold pumper to make customers for his own business. Don’t get fooled by this con artist. I bet he doesn’t have any gold himself except the ones he is selling. He is a gold hack. If you listen to him you will lose big time.

jannmutube says:

The President is right to try to raise taxes and close loop holes from the highest earners but House Republicans have signed an oath with Grover Norquist not to raise taxes on the rich. Raising taxes on the rich would move their consumption and spending down but they should have enough acquired wealth to withstand the strain.

jannmutube says:

We need more Democrats but also more Independents in the House of Representatives to end the bi-partisan deadlocks. In the meantime, PLEASE CALL or EMAIL MAX BAUCUS, the CONFIRMATION MEMBERS and THE PRESIDENT – ASK THEM TO GET SOMEONE ELSE FOR SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY. Not Jack Lew, but someone who will stand up for middle and working class Americans.

jannmutube says:

You can find a list of Republicans who have signed the pledge not to raise taxes on the rich-search “TPM’s Running List Of Republicans Who Have Renounced Grover Norquist” (Dec 11, 2012). They CLAIM they have renounced Norquist but still want “neutral revenue” tax reform-to funnel revenue directly to the rich. They want to broaden the tax base and lower the rate (the same for everyone) which would mean a higher tax burden for lower incomes. BE SURE TO VOTE IN THE NEXT CONGRESSIONAL ELECTION

jannmutube says:

People could write the President and their Representatives and ask them to enact a tax on Wall Street Brokers when they make a trade and ask that the Financial Reform Act includes a provision to prevent over-capitalization of stock — require that publicly invested money be invested in additional production and not allowed to just be tallied in the profit column.

jannmutube says:

The problem with the US economy is due to the repeal of the Glass-Stegall Act which was passed after the Great Depression of the 30’s. According to “McConnell, Brue, Flynn macroeconomic 19e”, in 2008, 11.2 trillion dollars of household wealth/savings was lost due to the housing market crash. But it actually started with the technology bubble.

00001MeTaBoLiC10000 says:

Buy low sell high!

hockeyehero says:

Diversion from realty.

AirelonTrading says:

Why Gold and Silver?

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