Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007 (2nd Edition)

Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007 (2nd Edition)
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This is a set of clips of Peter Schiff from 2006 and 2007. I added labels and 2008 predictions to the first video. More videos at…



blahblop123 says:

yehh buy this stockk.. “ben owns this stock” LOOOLLL..

rocketsurgerydance says:

He refused to payout, saying he didn’t lose. (srs). It is on youtube “bill maher” art laffer

Rocky Tian says:

check out the stock market price of the stocks that the people “against” peter schiff recommended such as GS (goldman sachs) and see how much money people lost in 2008 and ull see how smart and patient Peter Schiff is!

Jimena Barrios says:

yep thats correct. penny stocks have been booming in past 2 years and thats the great way to make money from trading fast. be mature and do this, even my mom started making descent money from penny stocks trading using a professional service. its worth a try here >>

leonelalbarran says:

I had no idea Tarzan was such an expert on real estate 2:44

PlayerDuce says:

LOL, I’d frame the penny that he would have won in that bet!

SuperAtheist says:

you’d think Tim Geithner had more important things to do than trash Peter Schiff on youtube.

Adrian T. says:

Oh man, look at what Peter said and look at what happened. Then compare with the other guests.

pinkfloyd1589 says:

wow Peter was spot on

Best Buy Gift Card says:

Great video…Thanks for sharing…I love Peter Shiff

catchsomenicebass says:

It feels weird to hear Peter Schiff say something that actually makes sense instead of spouting crap about hyperinflation.

William Smith says:

Yea man he is a liberal bitch that does not want face reality.

William Smith says:

Yea what a liberal bitch to require approve for comments.

William Smith says:

Yea right dumbass keep believing in this consumer economy what a joke you are.

Socratic Goat says:

peter schiff is clueless. Hes a dangerous man because regular folk tend to believe him

marktrade88 says:

Wow, I totally forgot how much they laughed at him. Like, they didn’t just disagree with him. They *laughed* at him. They thought it was ridiculous. They thought it was “out there” like aliens or something. They thought it was a joke. Cavuto said it was like believing in Santa Claus!!

marktrade88 says:

“It won’t just last for a quarter, but for years.”

Ken Pruitt says:

If anyone is interested, I expose the real “worth” of channels like “SchittReport” here (replace (dot) with real dots)


Alex Rockefeller says:

3:40 look at that guy so out of sync with reality, laughing like a moron.

Michael Hobson says:

im not economist but i know an economy is not doing well if national and personal debt increases. lets not lives for the moment lets live for the future 

MrRobear23 says:

No stream

Alex Four says:

Schittreport is most likely a government funded hack job. No private individual is going to spend his free time demolishing one single truth teller and upload over 1200 videos insulting and belittling him, over a period of many years.

rendsit says:

You could make the exact same video with all his incorrect predictions. Guy’s a fraud and his followers are simpletons.

Jeffrey Pekarcik says:

Dude owes a penny

divineagent says:

Haha. Funny thing is he’s right…

james walker says:

lol me too

Jaime Hernandez says:

I’d like to see him go back on the show and say a big fuck you, I told you so to everyone who criticized him.

ExodiaObliderate1 says:

I’ve quoted Schiff on many of my classes and I always get dismissed by my liberal professors that believe that the only solution to everything is big government…it sucks being from such a liberal city =/

ChippThaRipp says:

2:16 Did he get his penny.

Anthony Lane says:

Ben Stein is a moron

itzmyquan says:

All of his opposers looks fuckin crazy

rendsit3 says:

Peter Schiff said in February gold would hit $5000 within the next 2-3 months, even higher in 6 months. Fucking snake oil salesman followed by a pack of morons.

Justanotherlobster says:

Everyone hate bad news…

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