Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
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Kevin Feng says:

i don’t trust bank anymore….

Rich Gilbertson says:

Wall Street and the Bank are the problem but why do we keep listening to the worst people in the world that created this mess over and over and over and over…..

samgearhart25 says:

We are the furthest thing from being equals. Whoever thinks we are equals, I feel sorry for you and it’s obvious you don’t think much more of yourself than you do an ape. Or maybe you think that’s alright being on par with apes! Myself, I know better and know that most all of them are dumb fucking, over-sexed, criminal-minded nigger runners.

samgearhart25 says:

A job I do not need. But if i’m considered dumber than most then there must be amoebas running around under me and apes above. I love how everyone always claims that the racist is stupid and ignorant. No, i’m aware of the facts that niggers are criminal minded by and large and I have my back up because of that. I am well educated, well traveled, moderate income, and I grew up around them. I know what they are and capable of and I won’t let any liberal tell me that I should have equality on mind.

onemindtrip says:

Studies show that racists are dumber than people who aren’t as well. Maybe we should take the into consideration when thinking of giving you a job.

lioncityFighter says:

There is only one stereotype i believe in and that is racist c0cksuckers are generally dumb & ignorant.

Falconel523 says:

i think we need to remember that all these presidents do not have any power and do what they are told.

Tony Wikrent says:

Watch this film if you want to see how the new bankster oligarchy tries to use the specter of debt to scare people into accepting austerity. This is slickly packaged crap from the Cato Institute, which is funded by and therefore rationalizes the rise of the new bankster financial oligarchy that insists on cutting earned social benefits like Social Security instead of reforming the financials system so that it works for the general welfare instead of private gain.

Realitybites100ify says:

well , that’s what kennedy wanted to do and countless other REAL presidents before him, and every last one was wiped out by the banking criminals…..not as easy as it seems then?

luka haenraets says:

Right i live in Holland so sorry if my english is not so good but in europe we Sad that america is the fastes Groing country in the world and the economy is groing And jou have a lot of jobs

JohnHam says:

First part of the movie was interesting.

The second half though, is a bit propaganda-ish. All those old film edits and dark background music really start taking away from what I think is a message that is important. Hopefully this will be approached again in less of a doomsday kind of way.

Libertys Son says:

Take your offensive comments elsewhere. I’m guessing you’re a liberal troll pretending to be a conservative.

Obama is a horrible president and will be judged our worst president by historical standards but his poor performance has nothing to do with his race (he is half-white too).

Obama will be judged our worst president ever due to his failed policies (both foreign and domestic), his love of socialism and his disdain for America.

inconvenientruth1 says:

Follow the money, follow the jews (zionist rothschild)

Cecil Henry says:

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White Countries for Everyone!!! NO!

Address reality: mass immigration is invasion of the West that Governments are abetting.

DIVERSITY is just a codeword for anti-white. More diverse = less white.

Diversity means Genocide. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

You can get target a race for genocide by selecting every community of that race for immigration and assimilation.

All it requires is that you suppress anyone who points it out

Mic Geg says:

Well put togather piece of work and thanks for sharing .

samgearhart25 says:

That damned nigger Obongo has really put this country into an almost third world status like the one he came from. It’s ridiculous having a nigger for President. It’s been blatantly proven that blacks do not score nearly as well on tests such as the MCAT, LSAT, and other college level entry exams. It’s very obvious, the numbers don’t lie and then they put an ape in office???? I don’t get it? Where’s the humor here that i’m not seeing??

samgearhart25 says:

I sure miss George W Bush Jr. he really was a great man during an intensely hard time nationally and internationally. I think he was one of the best. I don’t know what people would be thinking to put in an ape into office????¿¿¿¿¿

Charlie Ennis says:

Very true lol


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nimsu1987 says:

The governments just don’t care. I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but there’s something weird going on. If you haven’t seen already, you should watch the keiser report, he does weekly updates on these issues, and he’s very engaging. You can find him on youtube and RT. He did a talk in westminster where 150 MPs were written to, to come and listen to him. Despite the talk being in the parliament building (or right next door, can’t quite remember) not ONE turned up. What does this show?

nimsu1987 says:

Sure is, watch Max Keiser, on the keiser report on RT, it’s on youtube too, you’ll learn a lot! I believe he used to be in the system that he and a lot of us now hate,

nimsu1987 says:

I’m from the UK and I’ve never heard of you guys, but I have to say, this is a really well made doc, keep up the good work!

Alwaysright Fosho says:

Just watching this stuff is complicated its crazy how the system is just trying to suck the people dry they dont give a FUCK about You!

luchis117 says:

@SurviveWithMeDotCom amen. Except I hate all of them

Chase Arms says:





LadyBludgeon says:

My parents own two houses and only have to pay $250 on house taxes for both… That’s epic win! That’s a big fuck you with double middle fingers in the air to everyone who has insulted them and to these companies who are trying to convince them to sign up a stupid home loan so that the government can take their houses. LOL :D They are such inspirational people to me. Dig under the dirt to find the money needed for the expenses but never put a house up for a loan and risk losing it all. ^_^

LadyBludgeon says:

My parents don’t understand the idea of loans, so they avoid it. They don’t even speak English and know that when they hear the term “home loan” they ought to walk away. They understand that home loans are the reason why people are losing their homes. I find this amusing because the people who lost their homes the most were the racist whites who belittle immigrants like my parents yet the immigrants like my parents are still living in the same house for over 30yrs. That’s ultimate pwnage there.

PositiveMindNews says:

Queen Released , Mortgage Crises Resolved, Subliminal Messages

SurviveWithMeDotCom says:

Once you realize that the presidents do not act on their own will, but that of the world bank, you won’t hate any of them. If they don’t “obey” their boss, assassination is their fate.

carlsbadtuber says:


Jalreal says:

I’m glad to see this now has 1,000,000+ views.

MrFullDocumentaries says:

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scanter brahman says:

We are all so stupid that we cannot stop the media from mocking us with these new “sequestor” cuts. The President must make by law. Instead he is using them to harm the most vulnerable, to show how bad these cuts are. What a weird management strategy. He is cutting monies that he will blame on congress, instead of making good management decisions. Please view leaders in Venezuela, Argentina, and yes, China. The poor are loved. The poor continue to get poor without free market capital.

HalEBurton says:

I miss W. :-(
At least he made us laugh.

Adolf Bond says:

Crisis make no good

Xalan Mustafa says:

I watch American politics because i am a Muslim. These people of powers deliberately accused Muslims for the chaos in American soil and i want to let the people know the truth.

Kelly Smith says:

deceievth not, satan – depart thee hence

Vishal Kapoor says:

Mans right stocks about to crash big time

tantalisinglabrat says:

While governments play in their ivory towers, the masses starve in the streets… 7billion vs a few in governments???? Anarchy is guaranteed in this century.


Heh, i didn’t fully understand any of this stuff, but thanks to this doc i understand a little more, but none the less, i actually really enjoyed watching.

Yperkeimenos says:

End the FED and let banks fail.Stop rewarding incompetence.

mmawildal says:

There all puppets ran but power and greed if we would tax the Fed at .006 we would be out of debt and never pay taxes again and have enough to feed everyone in the world

tara singh says:

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Andrew Keene says:

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cbmuzik says:

agreed. these film makers are running out of ideas

BubbleOhse7en says:

That David M. Walker seems like an incredibly knowledgeable, intelligent and responsible person. Why did he have to resign from his job to tell people the truth? If the average voter could listen and understand what he is saying I think there might be a way out of this

eggsdabomb says:

every person you named are scumbags except kennedy

Libertys Son says:

There is no solution other than letting the house of cards collapse. We will have to rebuild after the dust settles (and the fires go out).

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