GTAV | How to become a GTA 5 BILLIONAIRE

GTAV | How to become a GTA 5 BILLIONAIRE
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GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 How to make money in GTA 5. How to become a GTAV Billionaire. Hi guys quite a few friends and subscribers have been asking me on Twitter and PSN how to make money in …



Hysteria Gaming HD says:

*Hello guys! Leaving a comment here to try to update! (please “thumbs up”
so people see it)

This guide was obviously created with last-gen consoles in mind. With the
new #PS4 / #XboxOne release it remains to be seen whether or not this will
work as effectively, or if #Rockstar have patched it to give off lower
I don’t currently have a next-gen console, and the PC release isn’t out
till January, so till then I can’t make an updated guide for the new
In the mean-time I would appreciate *all* feedback you guys can provide on
next-gen versions… Reading through Reddit suggests this should still
work, though many threads are likely copy/pastes of old guides like this.

Let us know! Consider yourselves Beta testers if you’re trying this guide
on next gen! Good luck! *

Hysteria Gaming HD says:

So, for those of you who take notice of the #E3 gaming event, you’ll know
that GTAV is now coming to *#PC*, *#XboxOne* and *#PS4* … better get
researching for your #GTAV Billionaire status! :)

Hysteria Gaming HD says:

Hey guys, no replies in over a week I realise, currently on vacation in
France and Spain, going to grab a hold of laptop soon so can reply to all
your questions. Can’t even view half comments on mobile device. Sorry for
delay, keep plugging towards those Los Santos billions, I’ll be answering
your queries soon. ;-)

Hysteria Gaming HD says:

Hey guys, sorry have been tardy at replies this week. Had a death in the
family, and so needed few days away. :)

Will play catch-up to help you now! :)

Hysteria Gaming HD says:

@Josh Phelps (And any others) You have set your Youtube preferences to not
allow people to reply to your comments. This makes it impossible to help
you/people like you.

In answer to your question; No, you don’t *have* to do missions on a
Mon/Tues … you can do them any day you like… *But* market fluctuations
are inconsistent on weekends, so be prepared to wait a couple more GTA
days, if you do missions later in the week. 

Grenet says:

i got over 1.3 Billion for each charakter in the end!!! who else???

Tman Swaggin says:

How long does it take for the fruit stock to reach its peak

Kabir Patel says:

do you get that much money for all of the charactors

Sven Loman says:

what was the amount of money you started with?

Jay W says:

Er no not started any of Trevor missions still quite early on . Been
through my phone on all my contacts can you help , ow and thanks for the
previous e mails helping 

Jordan Escrig says:

The Assassination 2 with DEB and RWC worked a treat on Next Gen, went from
~$40m to ~$260m, but the BAWSAQ market on Assassination 3 and Fruit is
really playing up for me, after a few days there is literally no movement
after countless reloads/: 

TheCriticalGamer says:

when you say, do the mission on a monday do you mean in game or in real

taz874 says:

used this guide a while back now but will be needing it again to become a
billionaire on the ps4 version thanks so much. i have like 2billion per
character hopefully can make something similar again on the ps4 version

Shannon Day says:

Micheals got a real beard.. Is that just next gen?

federalrj94 says:

I have a Quick question, I’m replaying the game again to give this a try
because I completely screwed up the stocks on my own the first time.

I just recently completed the first Lester mission to move on in the rest
of the story.
I invested into (BET) like you said.
Bought it at a price of $3.66
It’s gone up to 6 dallors after a day or two ( in game) should it go up to
300+ like you said?
I also did the mission on a Saturday like you said no to do. Ha

Young Hollywood says:

Awesome. Just saved the game after the first lester mission. Not going
back. Just put about a mill in the stock market. 

john boxold says:

Thanks, I managed to get 1.4bn with each character when this first came out
n with the free next gen cash boost I can see me making tons more. Thanks
once again…

Liam Bonner says:

Just to be clear, should I start the first Lester assassination when it
first is available or after I complete the story?

Hysteria Gaming HD says:

@TRISTYN, why ask questions when you have a contact lock?! Noone can reply
to you…..
Do all Lester missions AFTER the main story is completed. Except for
assassination 1 – which is mandatory, in order to progress story. You will
receive a text msg in-game when you need to do this.

Les Talley says:

Will this be the same on xbox one?

Ellen Hamilton says:

Is this still good, i need some cash for the nextgen transfer, i didn’t
invest as the nextgen was inevitable, so is this still good to follow? 

Ozil858 says:

This video would have been alot better if you stopped blabbing and get to
the point of the video

Sven Loman says:

if i understand you, then i have to put all my money at the things you
said. Do the assassination missions between i put all the money on those
stocks. And then i wait en i have lots and lots of money? Please reply,
actually i’m dutch and i didn’t understand the whole video xP

Jay W says:

I am really struggling to progress by not doing leader mission what do I do
,lesser is the only mission but it’s too soon to donut yet 

Lorenzo D'Elia says:

Great now only if we could do this in real life… :(

AddictofFilm says:

Finally an in depth guide on how to make $ in GTAV which is actually
EXPLAINED!!!! This will breath new life into the game for me, thanks so
much, I’ll give it a go myself over the next few days!

Sat says:

I got it to 288% on PS4 :D on assassination 2

DSR DooM says:

What about the mission u kill the life invader CEO…. Who could u invest
in then

whyisthereyou says:

Dammit just played through the whole story again aiming to get more money
and I knew nothing of this method till after I completed the final heist.
And my stupid helicopter driver crashed and I lost half of the money we
stole. Even though I picked the best drivers we got. Ahh now I have to play
through this whole thing again..

Gavin Mann says:

Hey Guys I’m having some trouble here on the hotel assassination mission,
I’ve completed the mission and have a save where franklin calls lester. how
many game saves do you think i would need or how many in game days does it
normally take for the stock price of bettapharm to rise as so far for me
its stuck on $200.92 at 0.34 0.16% ^ any help would be great thanks

Hunter Vex says:

I got it to top out at 15.3 percent profit on the tinkle airport mission.
YEE BE WARNED in case you over shoot it.

Nolan Chesley says:

Just mod

Jay W says:

Fantastic info just playing this agin on ps4 yes are you on ps4 

mark hufton says:

$1.3 bil for each character 

Davis Crispo says:

when i try to invest in redwood it says transaction complete but i still
have all my money and all my shares… Please help

ryan g says:

whats up my u,k. friend. Fellow Canadian here. I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU
taking the time to do this, but like 80% of the video is pointless talk.
No offense and I dint mean to sound rude, but you jump from one part to
another, then go back to another part. Its really confusing, Its been a
year now, would this still work with patch 1.16 ?? And wouild you mind
giving us a step bt step typed guide to becoming a millinare for instance

Kiran Naidoo says:

I’m only getting my shares to rise 4.12% and they won’t rise any further,
could you help me?

dominic holland says:

Amazing, now have $1.2 B per player, :)

rsdbzmaster68 says:

I got 333% on redwood (Xbox one) I felt blessed

carl gilham says:

i got 311% on redwood

Tristan Humphreys says:

Dude is the BAWSAQ totally fucked these days? I’m trying to buy my BET
shares at peak but it’s stuck on 0.33

tyler durden says:

Playing on ps4 and the return percentage doesn’t go over 0.12 for betta
pharm. I’ve even gone back to the old save like 5 times already

jun1or1077 says:

so I found sort of a glitch I guess I was trying to get the 300% return and
it wouldn’t go over 5% so right after i bought the RWC stocks I saved then
I reloaded that game and at first I only got 125% but I reloaded again and
it gave me 311% and it was still the same day that I bought the stocks I
tried to see if it would go higher but it only dropped to 5% instantly 

John Hautasaari says:

I got 14 mill from the first one is that good?

KenDev2 says:

Tested this on PS4, everything works except the random encounter one.
Tinkle doesnt go up at all for me, stays at 0 for over a week…

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