GTA 5: How to Make Big Money on the Stock Market! (GTA 5 Online Money Tutorial)

GTA 5: How to Make Big Money on the Stock Market! (GTA 5 Online Money Tutorial)
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GTA Market: Comedy videos take some editing so I figured I would post a GTA 5 money making tip video for this beautiful aft…



madcowz111 says:

I like your mouse cursor

Thec Crafter Bros says:


leo rox says:

Look. Cool video! But hands down the easiest strategy to earn money from
home is by using Smarter Money Maker. Just google it. Don’t miss out.

NightNinja1998 says:

But x box is a doushe consle

EQuake2290 says:

Okay, so go play your PS3 and get hacked, when us XBOX players have to pay
money for LIVE so Microsoft can protect it a lot more efficiently…

dima11592 says:

There are users on reddit who buy Pisswasser stock at some time and then
sell it at sometime later when it rises

hb jetta says:

Well have fun with the PS4 dumbass because you have to pay-to-play and its
more expensive than the pay-to-play for Xbox One. :)

Surreley Leito says:

i stil dont get it

Dante Devencenzi says:

Why thank you for pointing out that mis-typing good sir. <3 I’m sure no one
could fathom what I possibly intended.

Revethan says:


Rikudō Sennin says:

Wow, really?! Fuck off.

Dante Devencenzi says:

I’m proving that gravity does not exist and that professor chaos and jj the
brave and dumb niggas

maddad211272 says:


tmuldoon7 says:

well if its only 2 batteries a week…

Jeriel Quinto says:

This is like Galaxy S4 VS. iPhone 5.

Dante Devencenzi says:

*20 batteries

Dante Devencenzi says:

We vs. you? Nigga I have a ps3 and xbox 360. And you’re contradicting
yourself by saying you don’t need to pay; you only pay a fee. also, *hacked
twice, and there are no connection issues buddy.

Dante Devencenzi says:

What kind of fucking no-life nerd runs out of batteries in a week? And last
time I checked it’s like $15 for 10 batteries.

Professor Chaos says:

We do have out-of-game chat, and besides, we’ve been hacked once. What
about the connection issues for XBL? I don’t need to pay-to-play great
games on playstation, it’s an option to get 100’s of free games every year
if we pay a fee, we have a choice, you don’t, so tough titties.

Professor Chaos says:

Pfft, it’s called a charging dock, everyone has one. I don’t want to have
to go out pay 5 bucks for 2 batteries every week, I’d rather just charge it
in my home.

IHateGoogle+ says:

You don’t have to keep it charged until it is at a maximum level at all!?

Lee Braxton says:

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Dante Devencenzi says:

Where’s your party chat? Where’s your not being hacked? Sorry you can’t
afford $5 a month you fucking fanboy. Seriously, how is one better than the
other? They both have their ups and downs, which even out, therefore, they
are still the same.

Rajesh Naidu says:

Nice video, damn shame I can’t listen to the audio properly! My mum has
been earning money online by using Crib Cash Generator (Google it). We made
$765 yesterday lol.

RapidKillHD says:

the internal battery pack kinda sucks because on xbox if youre battery runs
out you can just get new ones and on playstation you have to charge it and
keep it connected until its fully charged

ilikecheetos12 says:

haaa damn. A pump and dump scheme in a game world. Thats too funny.

Julian rs says:

Lol microsoft is more popular and has more money Kid.

Professor Chaos says:

It doesn’t matter, it still started the franchise, and whether you like it
or not, Xbox had nothing to do with the first one.

Killerx1893 says:

sony better kid wtf u talking about

rsjonm1999 says:

The first two GTAs were actually really poorly rated and hated on, Rockstar
doesn’t even consider them a REAL success. Again, “Grand Theft Auto” was
the first but was not SUCCESSFUL. I say that GTA wouldn’t be here today
without PC or Xbox because when they released GTA for all consoles, it
became popular, If it was only released for PS2 it wouldn’t have been as
successful. I don’t get why it’s hard to understand. It’s an opinion, calm
the fuck down.

Professor Chaos says:

You mean the first successful GTA was “Grand Theft Auto” and it was
released for PS1, Windows, and GameBoy Color, so there wouldn’t be any GTA
right now if it didn’t start on PlayStation. Get your facts straight before
you try to correct someone, dumbass.

Professor Chaos says:

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to pay-to-play. Besides, Where’s your
Bluetooth? Where’s your internal battery pack? Where’s your Blu-ray? Just
face it, Xbox is inferior to PlayStation

Julian rs says:

Naah xbox360 is better microsoft is better company than sony so up urs

Dante Devencenzi says:

They are practically the same, and to quote a brave man: “You fucking

LittleShorty05 says:


rsjonm1999 says:

The first successful GTA (GTA III by Rockstar North) came out on PS2, Xbox,
and on PC.. I don’t know how stupid you think Rockstar is, a game developer
wouldn’t go half way and make a game only for one console (depending on
it’s publisher). Technically, no one would have GTA right now if it weren’t
for them publishing it on Xbox and PC.

RagingNinjaaz says:

PlayStations are purchased with money, your native countries currency.

Alex Davenport says:


anthony hdsach says:

Hit up diamondlife69 that’s my crew

Luke Forset says:

ball sack is baw saq

GwasBro says:

i already have 30mill in my bank anyway o;

iLuLWaT says:

just wait for the ps4

joel bryant says:

you mate are lucky your mum even sucked enough head to get you a ps1

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