or copy the link The value of the dollar is dropping like a rock and this video is to show how this is affecting the prices of…



EvilSmokingMonkey says:

Based on this logic, anyone can buy gold and have a high return guaranteed investment……

Hills Joel says:

This is a video by a person with an agenda. It purports to show how the gold standard works. The person is dressing up facts about money that are not true to further an agenda. The information in this video is half truths, sorta facts, and deliberate mis-interpretations. Before using anything from this video cross-check and verify.

eggertstwart says:


buzzclick500 says:

Correction: as he says, TWO cents. Now, ONE cent. Hang on to those pre-1964 silver dollars, fifty-cent pieces, quarters and dimes.

buzzclick500 says:

True. I inherited antique art. Thank you 1,000 times, dear departed relative.

YTMsg says:

JESUS CHRIST - The Son of God – God Himself came into this world, He died for our sins, He was buried, and God the Father raised Him from the dead, and through His Sacrifice we live in victory – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD !

Ali Mohamadi says:

They do Know whats going on … thats the SCARY thing …


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Luna Dawg says:

lol You would’ve made a lot more money by buying into Microsoft

Javier Bañez says:

the real value is what transactions create, not the value of the currency in itself

Jamez377 says:

lol Another redneck who doesn’t know how currency or economics works.

Mark Mason says:

GATA has posted a petition on the US Gov’t website asking them to perform a full audit/assay and verification of ownership of the official US Gold holdings.

Please help our friends at GATA out by signing this petition and telling everyone you know to sign as well.

Twinturbo120 says:

Hard to believe? Or to much for you?

詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします says:


hawknasty100 says:

Wow this is ridiculous

cyclol says:

Sadly I was born as late as I was. If I were an adult in 1971 when the dollar went off the gold standard, I would have started systematically buying gold with as much of my money as I could. Right now, as a young 20-something, I feel helpless to the decline of the economy. If only I could go back in time and give my parents a heads-up…


INVESTING IN ART enjoy antique art while it can increase in value and add to your investment portfolio.


uno dos says:

w w w . i n v e s t o r s t r a d e r s . c o m

eggertstwart says:

the internet.

buzzclick500 says:

Where was the inflation calculator made?

eggertstwart says:

I just used an inflation calculator, didn’t do any math.

buzzclick500 says:

Want to re-check your math….? ;-0

eggertstwart says:

today, a dollar buys what 93 cents would buy when this video came out.

mujahideen1993 says:

In Islam gold and silver are the obviouse currency but when there is not enough available we use non-perishable foods such as rice,dates,wheat

Kevo M says:


Kenneth Moore says:

Very good! Sharing on fb.

andr3111 says:

Thanks! I do agree with you though that silver is the next best affordable investment to make, its only $32 an ounce

MegaJustice2 says:

you probably bought it when the price was low that’s what good investor’s do. you buy when the price is low then you can turn a good profit

andr3111 says:

I’m not rich and I have bought 5 ounces and 5 kg’s worth of silver ..

wiccanXexodus says:

invest in farmable land and land with water on it. food will always be valuble and water is invaluble

silver john says:

if only 5 million people bought 100oz silver each year the silver market could get cornerd the price then would shit to $600

GoldandSilverNow says:

Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold ! Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold !
Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold ! Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold !
Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold ! Gold Not in Bubble, Not Gold !
Ron Paul for President 2012 Freedom, Prosperity, No More War

Motor521 says:

this video is right on! I just heard Ron Paul bring this up too, stating that gas would still only cost a dime a gallon if it was still a silver one.

87lycanthropy says:

well, gold value differs in different parts of the world i believe. and fact is gold will always be more valuable than silver, for example.

George Clark says:

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