Billionaire Offers Students Money to Drop Out!

Billionaire Offers Students Money to Drop Out!
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An investor of Facebook doesn’t believe in college, and he’s putting his money where his mouth is. Which is on his face. He’s putting his money all up in you…



Jill Dueringer says:

i would invest

Caitlyn Janssen says:

I would start a sexual assault clinic for victims- completely confidential, with it’s own training program and perhaps an outreach program run with psychologists, social workers and women’s aid workers.

TheFreakEnder says:

Getting the uranium is the hard part…

JunohProductions says:

Not small enough to fit on someone’s side. I’m talking about one that would be able to purify a large amount of water in an hour while being the size of a fanny pack. It would have to be able to work without using temporary filters since that would make it where they need filters shipped to them constantly. Also, I think it would probably be best to try to irrigate the land near the deserts in the hopes of making the desert livable again.

Ty Lawson says:

that is already invented Make Money Online says:


JayAreMe says:

I’d use it to get my books published, and anything after that would be either sent to charities or saved for future needs.

angle wings says:

i read about Taylor Wilson in popular science, cool dude!! vary vary smart.

JunohProductions says:

You had better make your own photovoltaic panels. Otherwise you’d have to pay 30-40 thousand USD for an adequate supply of energy.

JunohProductions says:

Eden of the East had a lot more money.  Millions per person.

JunohProductions says:

I would create a small scale desalination plant with the hopes of creating a portable device that would allow people in impoverished countries to acquire drinking water from salt water.

jml191 says:

You don’t need a college degree to employ scientist or engineer, the intent of this experiment was to get these kids to create companies and new jobs, not work for someone else

TheLordofcookies says:

And some people need a college degree to gain the knowledge to be competent in the field of their choosing. You can’t exactly be a widely acknowledged engineer without having a degree. How are you going to be scientist if you can’t be well-rounded, willing to work with others, and have no background knowledge to back it up. Stop saying college is pointless. For a lot of people, my self included, we need it to gain the expertise for our future careers.

cmccrzy says:

It’s Eden of the East IRL…

Abdullah Ibrahim says:

i bay a stock share from youtube or facebook

rainbowphoenix04 says:

I would travel, buy land to build my own house, and give the rest of it to my dad.

mumbles005 says:

Lots of cocaine.

Coclise says:

Anyone else see the poster in the back at 1:21 ….

Keelan stokes says:

100,000 dollars: well I would first buy some acres of property and build nice Home and including fully stocked self governing hydroponic garden/farm a large studio space for any kind of art i could imagine doing and do my artwork (portraits, concepts, characters, sculptures, ceramics, Graphic design, 3D Printing, movies ) completely off the grid… After that I would put the remainder into Eco friendly tech market research such as Battery, solar panels, Symbiotic computers, wireless energy etc.

DarkSigiles says:

I would pay my fathers debt.

JDRayVidProductions says:

Now if it was given to me as an investment not some random gift, then I think I would want to make some website. Idk right now what though

JDRayVidProductions says:

I would hope that I would put it in the bank and keep living life as normal.

joseruiz1612 says:

I’d invest most of money in a business and buy stocks with the rest & enjoy life :)

samuelwhiteowl says:

I would give it all to my parents except the amount of a new car for me but, the rest would go to my parents cause they deserve it.

MrMonkeyXROSS says:

100k that could pay for a lot of strippers

FuyuAkiWorld says:

if i had 100k i’d buy more albums and a new guitar

taylor0367 says:

fuck why isn’t anyone offering me money to drop out? At this rate I wont be able to pay off my student loans until I’m retired

lassefan says:

haha, fuck the people starting companies, this is way better! :D

lassefan says:

I would buy so much weed…

9441282192 says:

thank you for being so smart

killbot fivethousand says:

best 100k ever spend

Brazzdragon1 says:

100k = college paid for :D

9441282192 says:

prepare the zombie Apocalypse.
that’s right prepare it, not for it.

Liam Quigley says:

i would spend it on

Sager Alkhalifa says:

It’s just a 100k dude.

Sager Alkhalifa says:

her voice is ugly

TheAkhtard95 says:

pay off all family debts, and then i’d like to think id donate at least half of the $70,000 left over to charity

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