Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’
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Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who finds out specific financial information. This video reveals the magic behind the magic, making people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so urging everybody to be vigilant. Tips for using online banking more safely can be found at



wizardsbane says:

Sure, but notice the added effort one has to go through. Now that person has to hope your friend falls for the social engineering gimmick and then they still don’t have access to your account. Sure, their information gathering has progressed, but they’re not going to be getting your bank account number from Facebook unless you’re retarded.

It’s impossible to stop or entirely prevent attacks and intrusions. It’s always possible to make it annoying and convoluted as fuck to intrude, though.

adammurphy says:

so, all they need to do is just phish your friends, then steal their email address, then come for you… you have to work harder than that.

Zach Gilliland says:

0:24 I do something like that when I have to use the bathroom really bad

wizardsbane says:

It’s very easy to make what they did difficult:

* Make your Facebook photos and posts private (friends and friends of friends only).
* Never reuse passwords.
* Use strong passwords with alphanumerics (upper and lower case) and symboles that are atleast 8 characters long.
* Pay for phone number privacy where you can (prevents sites like white pages from scraping your number and using it to find your address)
* Avoid using your full name in conjunction with your full location on the internet

Shay A says:

For me it would be like….last week you spent 300 dollars on food.
“Whaaaaat.. no no…..*nervous laugh* it was 350, get your facts right ._.”

Prince G says:

good song

Ben Smith says:

You guys are sooo fucking gullable

margaretkwanmusic says:

fuck this. bullshit

Angel Palma says:


Rick L. says:

thats wh i say fuck Facebook

xploSHON says:


Wada Ayaka says:


Marouane Benabouche says:

Gregory Caron – Febelfin THE NAME OF THE SONG ON YOUTUBE

Marouane Benabouche says:

Gregory Caron – Febelfin

Anthony Brennan says:

does anyone know if the song is an actual song or if it was just created for this video

AdE Vladutsu says:

Lool =))

Raymint says:

HIlarious … and scary.

Cherry Moonshake says:

stupid banks telling me to protect myself.

AstralBanana says:

Let me explain Mr Sherlock, it’s making the scene more interesting and it portrays dangerous criminals better than some dudes in t-shirts.

JTanis says:

I should consider more about what to be posted

Ramil Aghayev says:


retsnom0 says:

I am interresting how much question they ask to the person befor such them in facebook. Only the name ? the mail adress ? where they lives ? or nothing ?

ThaEvilPerson says:

Fuck accidentally competed it

ThaEvilPerson says:

For those who says that this is fake you’ve got to remember that police use this sort of computr everything you put on the Internet stays on the Internet

Sarah Alaya says:

Wow! That is scary!!!!

manuelof1992 says:

No matter what language you speak …we all say YEAH

XPawelX100X says:

Gregory Caron – Febelfin

izzy8089 says:


Frostee Kosovich says:

It is meant to symbolise criminals.

apicalmaristem says:

well, the internet is free at the library, but yeah, my parents are rich and they love me.

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